why we need your help

Skilled volunteers help with our projects in many ways

Vets For Compassion welcome skilled volunteers across veterinary practises.

Please fill out our contact form if your interested in volunteering with us.



Vets For Compassion Inc (VFC) is staffed by volunteers. From the vets and vet nurses that attend our numerous training trips in Asia, to those that bravely tackle natural disaster zones to help surviving animals in need, we are grateful to compassionate individuals who volunteer their skills and time to help us achieve our mission.

We are also grateful to other non-vet volunteers that help out on fundraising, editing of training manuals and social media/promotional activities.

If you are a vet or vet nurse (or you are studying to be) or wildlife darter/carer and you would like to volunteer on our training trips or disaster relief, please send an email with your CV to:

We are also in need for volunteers for administration and fundraising roles. If you are keen and able, please send a short email with your CV to:

No matter what volunteer position you seek with VFC, we do have the following expectations:

  • You must always follow rules and guidelines set by VFC team leaders
  • You must always respect local culture and laws when volunteering overseas. While we try to change attitudes toward animal treatment for compassionate purposes, we do not judge and try to impose political or cultural standards upon others while we are volunteering abroad
  • While we understand red-tape can hold back our programs and assistance to animals, we also understand that laws and regulations are there to protect people first and foremost. Therefore volunteers must always obey the directions of the authority(s) presiding over natural disasters and welfare programs
  • While volunteering for VFC, you agree not to speak on behalf of VFC in any matters unless you are explicitly given the authority to do so.
  • We ask our volunteers to contribute to the cost of flights and accommodation if they are travelling for programs and training. This is so that we can ensure funds are directly towards the most necessary avenues including training aids, equipment and medicine for animals.
  • All volunteers for VFC must agree and sign up to a code of conduct which will be provided to you

We expect all volunteers to respect VFC staff, volunteers and other stakeholders - matters of bullying, harassment and abuse will be taken very seriously and not be accepted in any form.


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