Vets For Compassion

Established in 2016, Vets For Compassion is an Australian based not-for-profit organisation with a mission to improve animal welfare. All members of the Vets For Compassion team are volunteers. The highly trained team of veterinarians, vet nurses, wildlife darters and rescuers respond to call outs at all hours of the day to perform life-saving surgery, rescue, rehabilitation, relocating and re-homing as well as provide emergency animal rescue assistance and disaster response here in Australia and around the world.

Vets For Compassions relies on the generosity of its supporters whose donations enable them to alleviate the suffering of animals in need of help. The team works with the optimum level of resource efficiency, ensuring every dollar raised goes directly to saving precious animals.


Our Vision

Vets For Compassion’s vision is to improve animal welfare both in Australia and internationally

Our Mission

  1. Provide short-term direct care to animals that have been lost, mistreated or are without owners, including:
    • Transporting animals to carers, treatments, check-ups and forever homes in the Vets for Compassion ‘Animal Ambulance’;
    • Sheltering, rehabilitating and releasing injured wildlife;
    • Desexing animals to tackle overpopulation;
    • Re-homing cats and dogs; and
    • Rescuing stranded wildlife from residential areas and relocating them to their natural habitat.
  2. Rehabilitating orphaned, sick or injured animals that have been lost, mistreated or are without owners, including:
    • Performing life-saving surgery on injured wildlife, farm animals and domestic animals; and
    • Emergency response during natural disasters through the provision of highly trained vet professionals to help and rehabilitate affected companion animals, farm animals and wildlife.
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Improving Animal Welfare in Australia and Asia