“It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark”

– Howard Ruff


Our team is ready to respond! Medicine, feed, equipment (we can always have more!) and most importantly – accredited, skilled and brave staff – can all be mobilised quickly.

Vets For Compassion’s volunteers provide on-the-ground medical treatment to wildlife and domestic animals and farm animals that have been injured or misplaced in emergency situations, such as bushfires, floods and earthquakes. We work with accredited agencies to carry out response and rescue efficiently and effectively.

Our aim is to provide immediate care to animals who are suffering and in need of medical attention, or in some circumstances where the animal cannot be saved, compassionate euthanasia.

Animals that have been injured or misplaced due to these disasters are captured, triaged and treated for their injuries.

Our volunteers provided disaster relief following the 2016 Scotsburn fires and Black Saturday in Victoria (2009), as well as the 2015 Nepalese earthquake and the 2004 Sri Lanka tsunami.