Dr Chris Barton
Co-Founder, Veterinary Surgeon, Darter

Chris was raised in central New South Wales on a sheep and cattle property. He has an Agricultural Science degree and a Veterinary Science degree from the University of Queensland.

He moved to Victoria, where he worked in various practices before starting his own mixed practice in the outer suburb of Research. Following many years working with a wide spectrum of mixed animal species including horses and cattle, Chris narrowed his focus to imaging and orthopedic surgery in small companion animals.

He has volunteered in Bali, Sri Lanka, China and the Cook islands working with local groups to treat and desexed stray cats and dogs.

Moving into semi retirement in 2017, Chris now commits the majority of his time to animal welfare and his work with Vets For Compassion.

He has an energetic dog named Buffy, and two smoochy cats.