Our triage van is ready to go!

Thanks to Animals Australia and everyone who donated during the fires in 2020, we have a fantastic new state-of-the-art, self sufficient mobile hospital!
Over the past 10 years many VFC vets and nurses have volunteered during disastrous fires and floods across Victoria and New South Wales. There’s a wealth of disaster work experience among our team but we’ve never had a triage van to call our own – until now!
The van is ready to deploy at any time in the event of a disaster or any significant rescues of animals in crisis. It allows our team to be completely self sufficient to give patients immediate care, and will provide facilities for the volunteers regardless of weather.
It’s fitted with indoor and outdoor treatment areas, giving us plenty of space to assess multiple patients at once. Inside there’s hospital cages, an anaesthetic machine, autoclave, pulse oximeter/CO2/blood pressure machine, surgical instruments and a warm animal blanket called a Bair Hugger to keep patients warm and cosy.
For the volunteers there’s an indoor and outdoor shower, washing machine and dryer.
There’s an outdoor annex that can be closed off in windy weather, which has an outdoor sink and two treatment tables can be set up outside.
Dr Chris Barton, Dr Tash Bassett, Jacob Watt, Dr Katie Whittle and Andrew Valk have been trained to tow the van. Our vets and nurses are trained in various aspects of search and rescue, veterinary medicine and emergency care. Our drone pilots train every weekend. Our tree climbers still practice their craft daily.
Our team is not only made up of the ground team; we have admin, PR, photographers, digital design, web support, the list goes on, and each and every person is a volunteer!
We believe in working as a united team with any ethical group, charity and any government organisation. We work closely with local rescuers and shelters and could not do the work without them. It’s all about teamwork for the good of the animal kingdom.
A massive thank you again to Animals Australia, VetQuip for their generosity fitting our van out with veterinary equipment and everyone that donated in 2020. This triage van will make a huge difference to our rescue operation and triaging!