Help from our friends in New York

This is Juliette. All the way from New York, this four-year-old has been busily raising money to allow for Vets for Compassion to help the koalas, with a lemonade stand already raising $87, which she plans to send to Australia, along with some drawings for our vets. She has even roped in her baby sister, Natalyn, to help.

Each day, we are absolutely amazed at the support Vets for Compassion is receiving, from both at home and all over the world. Your support of us, and your financial donations, has been a massive factor in keeping us going throughout some very hard times. But be assured, we will keep working to help every animal we can, for as long as we can.

If, like Juliette, you would like to make a donation to Vets for Compassion, please donate here on our website.

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