As the saying goes, it takes a village!

As the saying goes, it takes a village!

When we were called to Portland to work with local rescuers, we had NO idea what we would be walking into and the exorbitant amount of Koalas we would be rescuing. It became very clear very quickly, that we did not have the immediate resources to house and fed this amount of sick and injured patients.

Thanks to an amazing team of locals who had never met, they banded together to make the complicated and time consuming koala mix to ensure we had enough fresh mix to get the right nutrients into our patients as soon as possible, to give them the best chance of recovering.

We are very lucky to have such kind and generous locals wherever we are deployed to.
There is no way we could do what we do without everyone’s help and support.

A special mention to Portland Football Club who kindly donated their facilities to ensure the volunteers could get the mix made in mass production and in record time!

Thank you to everyone involved and everyone who donated blankets, towels, pouches, Teddy’s, food supplies and their time.
Such a huge team effort!

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